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Personal messages from your loved ones

I work as a responsible, empathetic, and respectful psychic in Cambridgeshire, serving clients locally, across the UK, and online. With that in mind, all messages and information that I give, are given to me from spirit and your loved ones. I will only pass on what I am given. Occasionally you may be given information, message or a loved one that you are not aware of and in such case I would ask that you please hold onto the information and make enquiries after your reading.

I may be given a message that I feel is sensitive or inappropriate if we are in a group setting in which case I will ask you to see me after the demonstration. In the case where I am perhaps advising of an event in the future, this could happen at any time up to around 18 months but please bear in mind that there is no “time” in the spirit world and therefore it could happen anytime.

For individual readings, you are welcome to bring a friend along with you however please note that if they are present at the time of your reading, I may of course be given messages that are meant for them as well as you – please bear this in mind.





One-to-One Reading (Person / Skype / WhatsApp)

This is a proof of life after death experience where we will sit together and I will give you messages from spirit and your loved ones. These may be personal memory messages, or more particularly, advice on what is happening around your life right now and how to handle these events going forward.

You may bring a friend or two along and if either or both of the friends also have readings, then it will be £35 up to half an hour each per person (but please state at the time of booking if you are bringing friends along so I may book the additional time in my diary).

All Readings are recorded and a copy will be sent to you after the session.


1 hour  |  £60    

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 the reading is recorded and emailed to you for your future listening



Psychic Party – 30 Minutes per person (min 4-max 8)

As above I can give 1:1 readings to each of your party (minimum 4 persons) to a maximum of 8 people over a 4 hour period. We would normally have a little break after, say, 3 readings and then carry on. Please call me for more details. 


Per Person  |  £35    

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Group Readings

This is a proof of life after death experience where we will sit together and I will give you messages from spirit and your loved ones.


Price to be agreed on Booking

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Demonstration Evening

If you have a suitable venue and would like to hold a demonstration evening (Evening of Clairvoyance) I would be very happy to do this. I would ask for a minimum of 50 people. A facility for offering refreshments would be good. Please call me for more details on this.


Price to be agreed on Booking

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Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you feel like you have been here before? Do you instantly go to places and recognise it as somewhere you know even though it might be your first visit – in this lifetime? Do you meet people in the street that you have never been formally introduced to but feel you know them already? You most certainly have lived on Earth in a previous life. This is a hypnotic therapy session. There is no time limit – it can last anything from 30 minutes upwards. As a medium and psychic in Cambridgeshire, I am fully trained in Past Life Regression. I can safely guide you back in time to a place that seems comfortable to you to allow your sub-conscious to bring forward memories of that life. Please call me for more details.


£70 a Session

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Please note that a £30.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot on my busy diary. The difference, if any, will be paid in cash on the day agreed

Please complete the form providing the package and the date you would like to visit me.
I will then get back to you as soon as possible to confirm.

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Gift Vouchers

I am now offering Gift Vouchers for Readings for the following: Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day. This is an easy way of buying a present for a loved one or a friend when they can make the appointment for the reading with a psychic in Cambridgeshire in their own time.

Each voucher is for the amount of £60.00 and can be purchased through enquiry.

Please complete the form below, I will then get back to you as soon as possible to take payment for the Voucher.

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Have a browse through some reviews of my work as a psychic in Cambridgeshire.

Hi ya, it was lovely to meet you and Pebbles. You are an amazing lady, you blew me away! You were spot on with everything, it was just what I needed to move forward and now I know that it is my dad and its not my imagination when I sense him around and when I have thoughts that are given me advise bless him. It is such a comfort knowing that he and my other relatives are there. Thank you with all my heart.
- Jacquie

Sue, you have read for me a couple of times and all have been spot on. You have also picked me when you have done Platform again this has been spot on. Thank you for the messages they have been a comfort to me. Many thanks.
- Pamela, Bury St Edmonds.

Thank you very much Sue – Really appreciate the reading you gave me, and this gives me some peace of mind. This gives me some peace of mind. Thank you so much.
- Danielle


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