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Hi, Sue here

I am a natural born Clairvoyant Medium. From a very early age I was aware of Spirit around me. I came from a Housing Estate in Surrey and my family were working class, who originated from the East End of London. Spirit has stayed with me throughout my life, even at a time that was very hard for me struggling through abusive relationships, going through divorce, and being made homeless. I accepted it as a learning process in life and it allows me to have empathy, as a clairvoyant in Cambridgeshire, for those clients who come to me for readings.

Communication with empathy and understanding

I know what it's like to lose loved ones as I have experienced life to the full, but I have always felt privileged to be able to communicate with Spirit and to be able to give closure to those who have lost loved ones to the other side. 35 years ago Spirit really became prominent in my life and I am proud to work with them on a full time basis. I do also have two groups that I guide, to understand the connection between them and Spirit and help them develop their gifts.

I am a Clairvoyant in Cambridgeshire with the ability to see, Clairaudience to hear and Clairsentience to feel and sense. In many cases I am able to give evidence of how they passed over. I am available for private consultations and work from either the client's home or my own. I am also available for spiritual advice.

My work includes giving 1-2-1 readings, Psychic Parties, including Skype to Skype readings, telephone readings, demonstrations, charity events, corporate events and even readings at wedding receptions.

As a responsible clairvoyant in Cambridgeshire, I do not profess to be a fortune teller and will only give what spirit chooses to give me. I take my responsibilities seriously. That is if Spirit chooses to give me something for the future such as a wedding or a birth I would be more than happy to pass it over to the client.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website and hopefully to work with you in the near future.

Sue Breen, The Clairvoyant Medium.

Watch me work

Here is a video showing one of my group readings, over the course of an evening at Maulden in Bedfordshire. 


One-to-One Readings and Group Sessions

My spiritual reading work is highly flexible, and I'm happy to work in a range of different settings. You can arrange individual readings, group sessions, parties, or even demonstration events, depending on your requirements. See my full choice of reading packages here.


Upcoming Events

If you are interested in coming to one of my readings, I am booked in for a number of organised events, reading to groups of people across the region. This list is continuously being updated, so check regularly for psychic reading events near you.

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Messages from Spirit

Spirit communicates with us in many different ways, through hearing, sight, and intuition. If you have any messages that occur to you that may be relevant to me, I would love you to get in touch, and, with your permission, I may share some of those messages here.

Working with Spirit

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Contact me to book your personal clairvoyant in Cambridgeshire, on 07931 449687 and arrange a reading online, in person, or to book a group reading.

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Working Across the UK

I work in a cabin in Somersham village. As a medium and clairvoyant in Cambridgeshire, I'm willing to travel and work across the UK. This year I will be giving demonstrations and readings in Ely, Huntingdon, St Albans, Holbeach, St Ives, Sudbury, Dunstable, and many other locations around East Anglia.

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I am utterly thrilled with amount of ancestors that came through for me. The information you provided was clear and accurate. Everything you were saying resonated and was so relevant. I love that fact that you recorded the reading so I can listen back to again and again, digesting everything that came through. I absolutely recommend you to everyone. You are a truly a gifted Lady. I hope to have another reading with you again.
- Amber, Norwich

If you get a chance to be in the presence of Susan Breen, know that your loved ones are not far behind, She brings the very essence of your family members and then she shoots straight from the hip and is SPOT ON with the messages from the other side. Do not hesitate to book a reading with Susan! I would recommend her for she is patient understanding, and forthright.
- Kimberley, United States

Thank you for my reading it was very accurate and you picked up on things that have been happening around me recently that I hadn't given much thought to.  I was very happy with my reading and will see you again soon for another.
- Natasha





 Book a reading today, and you could maybe find answers or messages from the Spirit world.

Contact Amanda to book your personal clairvoyant in Cambridgeshire, on 07931 449687 and arrange a reading online, in person, or to book a group reading.

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Clairvoyance and Mediumship are for Entertaining purposes in accordance with the Law in the UK

Please be aware that when attending a private reading, that Mediumship has not been proven scientifically, there is no actual proof of life continuing, you will be taking responsibility for your own actions and not as a result of the reading given, but I also believe those that seek answers know what they believe

I will only interpret the information which I receive. I will always be truthful, if I am unable to interpret I will tell you and there will be no charge to yourself. I am honest and will only pass on messages that have been given to me. I will not pass on anything that will offend you, the client.