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I would just like to say thank you for the reading you gave me on Saturday, 23rd July. I have always been inquisitive about the Spiritual side of life and I’m so glad you were my first introduction to this. I shall definitely visit with you again and would recommend others do so too.


Kind Regards,


Yve Collins





Dear Sue


It It was lovely talking to you again this morning. I felt I had to contact you just to let you know that everything you said to me hit the nail on the head  even if it was a year later


You talked about me being guided towards a healthcare profession, possibly gaining certificate, diploma or NVQ. You also spoke of a legal document linked to my financial problems.


I only found the original reading notes 2 days ago and was shocked at the accuracy of your predictions.


About a month ago, I enrolled on a University course ‘Practitioners Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy’. My Debt Relief Order (DRG) has now been processed and I am finally debt free.

I have to be honest, at the time, none of what you said made any sense at the time so I dismissed most of what was said. I was EXTREMELY shocked when I read back through the notes and am thrilled to let you know .. YOU WERE BANG ON!!!!!


Thank you so much


Love Maddy xxx





I have known Susan for 20 plus years and she has always been my guiding light. When I lived in Spain and I was at my lowest ebb I would call and always felt happier and full of hope when I came off the phone.


Susan has told me things no-one has known about my life and many of the things she told me would happen, have happened. Even just recently after moving back to the UK I have needed Susan’s guidance and she gave it again (with help from my relatives) giving me the hope and confidence I need for my future.


I would never go to another medium/clairvoyant not because of our friendship but because I know with Susan she is the best. I have had readings over the years in places where I have lived and many times have been left wanting. I would not now waste my time or theirs.


Susan thank you for your God given talent, and thank you for the spiritual guidance over the years but most of all thank you for being my true friend.




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I certainly would recommend her. She actually told me something that no one apart from the person it was about would know. Plus she told me things i didn't know about my family. I kept saying no, but as it turned out she was spot on. I feel bit cross with myself to be honest as that night I went to see my cousin who's mum died at 46 last year and she was trying to get a message to her daughter but because I didn't know who had diabetes I didn't listen


Julia, March 2017



I first met Sue at an open day in Bedfordshire.

Having never been to one of these events, I asked what would be the best approach. It was suggested that I walk around the room and see who I felt most connected with. There were about 14 spiritual clairvoyant medium’s present and I related immediately with Sue.

Due to her popularity there was a queue which meant I didn’t get to sit with her until late in the afternoon, so after a day of working with people and a well-deserved rest Sue sat opposite me and instantly stated that there would be a change in my work life very soon.

Two weeks later everything changed.

This was actually the only thing I remember from our first encounter because it was such a dramatic visual announcement and something I really wanted.

This was in 2013.

Today, I see Sue whenever she pops into my head, it tends to be every 7-9 months and selfishly at times when I am struggling to deal with a particular situation, or when things are going badly. Being a naturally positive person I realise that things can’t be all bad all the time.however, seeing Sues put a better perspective on things.

Sue will say and see things that I cannot connect with immediately. Places and names that mean nothing to me at the time, but gradually things make sense and I feel guided by the spirits who have visited Sue.

On every occasion my father has been present. Frequently other close family and friends come forward – all of the information conveyed is positive and constructive – even if it doesn’t make immediate sense.

I feel Sue has changed my life for the better. It is a delight to be in her company and she makes what can sometimes be an emotional experience something that is of value and to be treasured.

Anyone who needs to comfort of knowing a loved one is happy, possibly out of pain and caring about you in another world needs to see Sue. You will leave feeling reassured and encouraged. Personally, I will be seeing Sue when I feel I need solace and guidance for many years to come.


February 2017





Hi Sue, a big thank u for the wonderful readings they were great so overwhelmed with them, so comforting and great upliftment too. So good of u to give Bri & Gary messages too bless ya. You done us proud your such a wonderful soul.. and thank u for letting us into your lovely home, wot a fab room, so spiritual and a warm feeling.. we enjoyed it so much, Mel is so happy but will be even happier after her scan n it's not twins ! Haha.. Love & light hun have a fab weekend xxx






I have always been interested and intrigued by the spirit world. I am a big believer that when you pass its not the end. From the moment I got in touch with Sue I knew that she was a lovely person. Sue came to my home where myself and 7 friends were very eager to have our one to one with Sue. Not one person came out of their reading with a dry eye. Everyone felt very emotional and comforted by what they had been told. The things that Sue said to me particularly she would not have known! The 5 spirits that came forward were accurate to the point I knew it was them. Sue knew my current situation inside out and what type of person I am and what I find difficult, it was amazing how she knew so much! Everyone seemed to come out very happy and pleased with what they were told. We would all love to see Sue again. Such a lovely and comforting lady!


Alex Chuplis, December 2015



This is the second time I have been to one of Sue's evenings and I find them fascinating.  The accuracy of the readings is incredible.  I had a private reading both times and the information given was scarily accurate even down to a surprise pregnancy!



Thank you Sue, I didn't understand how powerful a reading could be.  Many things have been troubling me but I feel lighter now. Bev.


Andrews Hall June 2015



Amazing, made me feel at peace, knew way too much. My dad has never come through before but he came through her (Sue).  Feel amazing. Thank you, Becky


Hunstanton August 2015



Thank you so much, my first ever reading and it was lovely to have my mum come through having lost her not so long ago.  It was of great comfort and I cannot thank you enough.


Kings Lynn September 2015



Thank you very much, mu husband is totally shocked - was sceptical but now believes - all your reading is explained.  Karen


Great Yarmouth, October 2015



I had a clairvoyant reading from Sue which was very accurate and helpful.  She has a lovely, caring manner and has an obvious connection to spirit.  I have also listened to her work on the “Spirits with Soul” show on Blog talk radio: I recommend you check it out”


March 27 2015  Christina




Hi Sue Thank you so much for the reading you gave me last Thursday. I had not expected to have my parents and both in-laws there as well as my grandmother who died in 1920! The reading was amazingly accurate and very uplifting. It was very good to hear I’m on the right path with my writing. No other medium ever picked that up before. I’ll definitely come back for more and will recommend you to the friends. Best wishes Rayna





Sue is a lovely warm lady with a great gift.


At first i was skeptical and sat down with an open mind to see if i could catch her out and try to believe the age old skepticism that her words were generalization.


To my absolute amazement, the majority of my reading was individual and spot on. It had me in tears, gave me comfort, reassurance and made me smile. The information and detail given was definitely not generalization and left me in complete awe of this lady!


If anybody considering meeting Sue is in two minds and thinks that there is better out there – I would urge you to meet her and let her show you her gift – you will not be disappointed!!


Whether you believe or not – Sue has a definite talent that is out of this world.






I have a strong belief that friends and family in the spirit world live amongst us and offer us comfort and support and guidance when we ask for it or need it most. I have absolutely no evidence to support this – it is merely a feeling and one I cherish. I am in my early 50’s and over the years I have seen people who feel they have a connection with the spirit world. Some have been quiet good, however something changed in my life to confirm that I am being supported and guided in August 2013. Near my local village a ‘Spiritualist Meeting’ was advertised and I initially thought I wouldn’t bother to go, but at the very last minute I changed my mind. I don’t know why, but I was drawn to attend. On arrival, the brief was to ‘select’ the person who felt right. There were about 12 spiritualists in the village hall and I was immediately drawn to Sue Breen. There was a queue to see her so I actually left, went home and had a cup of tea before returning a few hours later at my appointed time. To say Sue was accurate in my immediate future forecast – something I could not possible predict or imagine happening myself – was an understatement. My father is my main support (angel) and he always appears to Sue when we meet. She describes him in perfect detail – there is absolutely no doubt the person talking to me is my father. I almost feel as if Sue has become my living guide and much as you can’t let your life be ruled by what is ‘predicted’ the information is so clear that it can’t be ignored. It’s like having a head start on the future. Sue is always positive. Naturally there are going to be ups and downs in the normal flow of life, but being able to see how the future is likely to unfold and which pitfalls to be aware and wary of makes that flow easier to control. Sue will always feature in my life. If I need help with a direction to follow Sue provides this. It has only been 2 and a half years since we met but each time we have met my father has come forward and the forecast has been uncannily accurate. Sue and my father will be in my life for the rest of my life and I cannot recommend her highly enough for clear, accurate and often emotional predictions.


Fiona Ritchie Bedfordshire




Hi Sue Just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming over today, everyone enjoyed their reading and some taking a lot more from them than they thought they would.. Thanks again Eleanor and Sue St Ives Cambridge




Hi Sue I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night at the  football club, its the first time I’ve seen you and I found you very personable, knowledgeable and could listen to you for hours 0:) I’ll look out for more events with you.. Thanks again Kathryne Ps even though I didn’t get a reading my mind was spinning last night in bed !! Royston Herts




” What an amazing lady!  I’ve been to see quite a few mediums over the years and i would say Sue is the best one I’ve seen and was so accurate without knowing anything about me or my past.  I went through a roller coaster of emotions sitting and listening to her but left feeling content, focused and happy that I had been able to speak to my Mum.  What she was able to give me was priceless. “


Georgina Hinxworth Bridal Ltd 01462 835761




I’ve just had an amazing reading from Sue Breen. I was given evidence which has never been given to me in the last 13 years. I felt like I was actually sitting with my dad having the conversation myself. I asked my gran before the reading to say one thing in particular to Sue and Sue told me if that is not proof that my family and God Bless her our beautiful friend April is with me and watching over me, then i don’t know what is. Looking forward to the rocky road ahead NOT. lol Thank you Sue Breen for such an emotional message. xx


Linda   (Chesthunt)




I had a fantastic reading with Sue for the first time. She got several situations related to me spot on without me saying a word. She picked up on all my relatives and even described them individually, in looks and character! She was very gentle  in her approach, and showed a lot of empathy and didn’t rush the reading in any way. Her guidance was invaluable. The most unbelievable thing happened a few days after I saw Sue.  During the reading she said “do you know anyone with the letter A?” I said “No” she said this person will enter your life very soon” And with that asked me to make a mental note of the letter “A” My baby niece was born that very dayand a few days later they named her Ali! Increadible! All the best, Mia xx




Hello Sue I just wanted to say thank you very much for my reading, the more I thought and the more I spoke with my family the clearer it became, alot of the stuff you mentioned was confusing until I had spoken to my mother who confirmed a few things! I will definitely recommend you to my friends/family. I might even be back in the near future! Thanks again Sue hope to see you again Matt




Sue This was my first reading and was very specific and personal, it was incredible.  I hope that the path you said will take place will .. Thank you so much  Paul, Whittlesford   20th December 2013




I had a reading from Sue which was very interesting some made sense and was to the point but some confusing would recommend her or a Clairvoyant Evening See what you think for yourself many thanks for a great evening Emma  Whittlesford 20th December 2013




 As Mediums go I would say that Sue Breen is up with the best. Her messages were clear and concise and I feel even those who didn’t receive messages took away something from the other messages.  She is a wonderful lady. In Love and Light CF       Whittlesford 20th December 2013




Hi Sue I would like to thank you so very much for my reading today. Your the only clairvoyant I’ve seen who has been so accurate on what you have been told by the spirit world. I’m very grateful my friend recommended you in the first place and both readings you have done have been spot on. I will be coming back to you again and if I need advice to further my openness to spirit world I will definitely be in contact. Bless you. Kind regards Sheree xx




Well what a night last night. All of us would like to say thank you very much. We enjoyed your company last night and the messages you bought from loved ones. Your talent is amazing and we will book you again. Thank you very much sue. Jilleen xxx 7th November 2013




Hi Sue I just wanted to thank you again for my reading yesterday. Everything you said resonated and I feel much more content having talked with you. It truly was one of the best readings I have ever had. See you again soon.






charity evening

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to you for making my charity evening a massive success on the 11th October 2013. Everyone had a great time and I have had people coming to me saying what a lovely and amazing women you are. There was a lot of people there but when you talked you could hear a pin drop. My mum was that amazed she is coming to see you again next week with my dad. Thank you Sue your a lovely lady. Tiana



Sue mum and I saw you today in Huntingdon for a reading and just wanted to say thank you so much, I think you’re amazing. It was something that we both needed, especially my mum. I will definitely be recommending you . Keep up the good work,




Hi Sue, After meeting you a lot of thing has started to make sense and you did mention that the ancestors were going help me by uplifting me and i don’t know from where I stumbled across a documentary by mistake and as if the ancestors were talking to me and advising  me. I would thoroughly recommend Sue to anybody.  Looking forward to seeing her again. Many thanks Sue. Kevin




Hi Susan I want to again thank you for the reading you gave me this evening. Everything you said was so apt in relation to my late mother – from her personality to her own shared memories. Ive always firmly believed that the road we tread now is just one of many, and your sharing your special gift has proven to me that my mother is safe, at peace, and still around her loved ones. Thank you x Kelly Palmer




Dear Susan I thought it was high time I dropped a line to say a belated but heartfelt thanks for giving me a telephone session toward the end of last year – and at such ridiculously short notice! Of course, I realise now all the haste, raw grief, and desperation I brought to proceedings was hardly conducive to your work. But I rather feel you put compassion ahead of other considerations that evening – responding, above all, to my obvious need for help. I didn’t tell you before the reading, but I had just lost both my parents – first Dad and then Mum a few weeks later. I was in bits. I’m not sure I was making much sense at all. Yet, despite those less than ideal circumstances, you were able to give me certain information that gave me some much needed hope and more comfort than I’d found elsewhere. Obviously I’m still grieving but I’m more settled now in myself with the loss. I know it’s not forever. So anyway, I’m looking forward to booking another reading with you soon – this time face to face and at a more reasonable hour!  Once again – many thanks, Sue with respect and very best wishes for 2013 Mo




“Fabulous reading from a lovely warm friendly person. Highly recommended. Spot on.”  Amanda August 2013




Sue was introduced to me via a friend I trust, I had no expectations on how Sue would work, as soon as I met her she was friendly and welcoming. I had a great reading and I truly believe that the messages I received were for me and personal to me. Sue is authentic and for that reason I recommend her and will revisit her again. Thanks Sue. Zoe August 2013




Belinda Howson


Hey Sue hope you don’t mind me messaging you but I just wanted to say again thank you so much for the reading you gave me yesterday in Soc. I wouldn’t say I’m skeptical about others reading me, but I have never had one so on the money that made me KNOW 100% my mum was with you. My mum was the one who told me I had the gift from as young as I can remember and we spoke often about when she passed. she said she would say something to make me know, without a doubt, it was her and that happened yesterday. Your an absolute gem, thank you xx




Hello Sue, You gave me a reading on the Paranormal Radio show with Peg and Jody tonight. I want to tell you thank you so much. You gave me so much validation and confirmation on so many levels. Life can be very interesting sometimes, and it’s helps to receive a clear reading for ourselves when we need it. You did that for me tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you



Sally Atkinson

Beverley Wandrag

My passion is helping people with my gift


In my profession, what give me great pleasure is when I had a session with one of my clients and I can see that the time I spend with them was life changing for them.


I would like to share a couple of testimonials with you, please listen to these ladies because I was deeply touched by their kind words.