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I would just like to say thank you for the reading you gave me on Saturday, 23rd July. I have always been inquisitive about the Spiritual side of life and I’m so glad you were my first introduction to this. I shall definitely visit with you again and would recommend others do so too.


Kind Regards,


Yve Collins





Dear Sue


It It was lovely talking to you again this morning. I felt I had to contact you just to let you know that everything you said to me hit the nail on the head  even if it was a year later


You talked about me being guided towards a healthcare profession, possibly gaining certificate, diploma or NVQ. You also spoke of a legal document linked to my financial problems.


I only found the original reading notes 2 days ago and was shocked at the accuracy of your predictions.


About a month ago, I enrolled on a University course ‘Practitioners Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy’. My Debt Relief Order (DRG) has now been processed and I am finally debt free.

I have to be honest, at the time, none of what you said made any sense at the time so I dismissed most of what was said. I was EXTREMELY shocked when I read back through the notes and am thrilled to let you know .. YOU WERE BANG ON!!!!!


Thank you so much


Love Maddy xxx





I have known Susan for 20 plus years and she has always been my guiding light. When I lived in Spain and I was at my lowest ebb I would call and always felt happier and full of hope when I came off the phone.


Susan has told me things no-one has known about my life and many of the things she told me would happen, have happened. Even just recently after moving back to the UK I have needed Susan’s guidance and she gave it again (with help from my relatives) giving me the hope and confidence I need for my future.


I would never go to another medium/clairvoyant not because of our friendship but because I know with Susan she is the best. I have had readings over the years in places where I have lived and many times have been left wanting. I would not now waste my time or theirs.


Susan thank you for your God given talent, and thank you for the spiritual guidance over the years but most of all thank you for being my true friend.




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Messages from Spirit

Spirit communcates with us in so many different ways.  We can see spirit, we can hear spirit, we can feel spirit presence or we can just know something.  They also communicate through creative activities such as drawing, painting and writing.  Often I have taken to pen and been inspired to write.  I share with you below some of my own scribings together with others that have been inspired by spirit to put pen to paper - with surprising but very meaningful results ... enjoy.  I would love to hear from you if you have a meaningful message to share also.

A Message from White Eagle


The greater good of mankind is not purely down to those who work with spirit and indeed spirit themselves, to prove to mankind, that the path in which they travel, consumed by greed and want, will be their downfall.


The greater good of mankind will be passed from mankind, to mankind, and it will be those who have been awakened to the truth by spirit that will make their voices heard.


Those few voices will bring mankind’s future generations together and make them see, the paths their fathers and fore fathers travelled was going to be mankind’s undoing. Then the path of mankind will be true, because it is the future generations understanding of our failings,

standing not as race, colour, religion or sex, but standing as one, standing for each other and singing a song of no words, of no language, but a song that all mankind understands in their hearts and in their whole beings.


This verse is your guide, as it is spirits commitment to mankind, to give guidance to those who have been chosen, how you begin the path is down to you, fore it is the creator’s gift to mankind, the gift of free will, that seals or saves mankind’s fate.

A Poem For Sue Breen From Cherry Smith


The Poem below shows how unique Mediums can be, I was fortunate enough to be given this poem from Cherry Smith at the Carol Service in St Ives on the 23rd December 2012.


Her messages come through in poems, this is a message from my father who passed away many years ago and was a lovely surprise to me, something I will treasure for a long time to come.


So you can see we as Mediums can work in many different ways, I hope you enjoy it ....


Silent night and special stars

Remember spirit know where you are

You hear them, feel them, know the sound

When they stand, and when they're around


But sometimes yes they know it’s true

You need a message just for you


There is no way you can be missed, at Christmas time you will be kissed

Mistletoe love and laughter, will be with you ever after


The signs are there if you will see, now it’s time and has to be

You cannot wait or make delay, for spirit push you on your way

They tell you now the plan is set, and different chances you will get

Now in the spirit many stand, they wave and call and hold your hand


A gentleman who was so strong, walks with you where he belongs

In the smoke he wants to say, as he remembers from his day

So many things he says you share, and as you walk you know he’s there

You feel and sense that special bond, which joins you now good and strong

He brings to you the dove of peace, and says that all the traumas cease

You know in heart just what he means, no one else knows what it seems


But rest assured that doors are closed, it’s all forgotten no-one knows

So now you see that times have changed, and wooden Pathways are rearranged

Now the silent days of love are placed for you by those above

The clocks of time are ticking on, and making plans will come along


But trains and tracks for you are shown, and spirit wings you have grown

To fly you to those that need, and in the future to succeed

Peace in heart and Christmas dreams are lovely gifts or so it seems